The Munich Readery Author Reading

Isolde Martin

Far Away From the Brewery:
A Reflection on Expat Living

Saturday, 14 April

19:00 – 20:00

This work of nonfiction follows Isolde Martin's journey through five continents and seven countries, inviting the reader to share the pleasures, richness, personal gains, and high emotional costs of a nomadic lifestyle. This is one woman's journey towards integrity and inner balance; it is also a story about the psychological, social and cultural effects of a modern nomadic life. 

German native Isolde Martin earned her BA and her MA in psychology from universities in the United States and has worked in psychology and art psychotherapy in five different countries. She now makes her home again in Germany. She is the author of Notes from the 48 North: A Spotlight on a Stream of Consciousness and Don't Call Me Mother: The Story of an Illegitimate Child Growing up in Rural Bavaria.

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