Peacemaker and Other Stories
by C. B. Droege

Saturday, 14 Oct. at 19.00

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Peacemaker: Ander is a prince, diplomat, and soldier in the clockwork army. Upon returning to his home from a months-long diplomatic mission, he learns that his father, the king, is dying. His sister is ill from grief, and their older brother is mad with power and an intense hatred of the kingdom's enemies, among whom may be a long lost family member. Ander's journey to discover the truth takes him beyond the borders of the kingdom, and his duty to his king. 

Also in this volume are 31 flash fiction stories including:

Hoofquake: A man encounters the beautiful demon he escaped marrying years ago.
Post-Human Bread: The world goes on without us, and keeps baking.
The Damned Engine: What happened to Captain Clyde and his infamous ship?
Next Year’s Garden: Society women of the future develop more sophisticated and expansive gardening habits.

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CB Droege is an author and voice actor from Cincinnati, Ohio. His writing influences include Philip K. Dick, Bill Bryson, Isaac Asimov, David Sedaris, and Roger Zelazny. He loves wizards and time-travel, but has an irrational distaste for time-traveling wizards. His latest books are Peacemaker and Other Stories and Recycled Comics Vol. 1. He recently edited Starward Tales II: Another Anthology of Speculative Legends.
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