Author Reading and Book Signing
L.H. Draken
The Year of the Rabid Dragon

Saturday, 23 March
19:00 - 20:00

A deadly virus is on the loose in Beijing, the government is covering it up and no one is asking why. Nathan Troy, an American freelance journalist, realizes he’s the only person willing to confront the dark side of the epidemic and the secrets that the government will do anything to keep under their control. He discovers a conspiracy of mad scientists, a plot to 'deal' with China's problem minorities, and a diabolical scheme that will change the face of humanity as we know it. Will Nathan reveal the truth before the Chinese government catches up to him?

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This event is free. No registration necessary.

L. H. Draken, whose background is in high-energy physics, wrote The Year of the Rabid Dragon while living and working in Beijing. She found that the quirky daily experiences that made life in Beijing so exciting, along with the politics she saw from inside the country, worked well to create what she calls Chinese-Noir. She hopes her book will help unravel the complexity of China for curious readers who see this eastern giant from the outside.

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