Author reading and book launch

Philip Sealey

Gavin and Greneknighte

Saturday, 19 January 2019
19:00 - 20:00

“I assure you the story I am telling this evening is true.”

The Arthurian world of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight re-imagined in a technological age.

Gavin cover

On New Year’s Eve, on a London river cruise, a party of bankers listen to a story about a mysterious motorcyclist dressed in green, a gruesome beheading, and a challenge, which only Gavin is brave enough to accept.

But who is the storyteller, Henley? Why is he telling this particular story? And will there be time to complete it before the journey is over?

As the complacent bankers are drawn deeper into the strange tale, as New Year approaches and Gavin reaches the climax of his quest, the bankers are confronted with a reminder that, despite all their modern sophistications, nature is as unpredictable as ever.

This contemporary reinvention of a famous fourteenth-century poem about a green knight and a deadly midwinter game, in which the ordinariness of daily life and the supernatural sit side by side at the table, explores the themes of truth to oneself, loyalty to others, and our relationship with the natural world – themes as relevant now as they were in medieval times.

Philip Sealey grew up in London and taught English and philosophy at the European School in Munich. He has written short stories, opera libretti and other pieces set to music. His poetry has been published in many magazines and he won the Ian St James Award for his short fiction, Berlin Story. He has travelled widely in the Middle East and is currently at work on a collection of stories set in oriental locations. He lives in Munich.

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