Munich Feminist Project

Saturday, 24 March at 19:00

Join the Munich Feminist Project at the Munich Readery
for a rehearsed reading of their new show, premiering in July 2018. 

They'll share scenes, poems, and monologues that put a twist on some favorite fictional characters.
From Shakespeare to Brothers Grimm to Greek mythology and more,
there’s a little something for everyone!


Following the performance, audience members will have the opportunity to give feedback, ask questions, and discuss the piece.

Entry is by donation. Proceeds will support production of the next Munich Feminist Project show.

Munich Feminist Project is an English-speaking international group dedicated to creating feminist art to help fund organizations that support and defend marginalized groups.

Munich Feminist Project was founded in November 2016 in response to the U.S. presidential election to raise money for organizations who might be in need under the Trump administration. In February 2017 their show Rise Up raised more than 1,000 euros for Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union. Since then the Munich Feminist Project has been working on another show to help fund groups in Munich.  Munich Feminist Project will perform this May at FEATS, an English speaking theatre festival in Antwerp.