Bring In Books To Trade: Save Money!

We take in books for bookstore credit; we never pay cash for books.

Our criteria for taking in donated books that were not originally purchased from The Readery are the same as for taking in books for trade.

Wir tauschen Bücher ein – wir zahlen kein Bargeld dafür.

On Saturdays, only books originally purchased from The Readery are accepted.

(If you wish to bring in books that were NOT originally purchased from The Readery, you
MUST make an appointment; tell us one specific day and time, Mon-Fri. between 11.00 & 17.30. Details below.)

Click here for: Trading Policy PDF

Trading books may only be done in person. It is not possible to trade books by mail.

The best deal that we offer is for books purchased from The Munich Readery.
They can be brought back at any time to trade for bookstore credit, which can be used in our shop to purchase other used books. You accrue 40% of The Readery’s purchase price in bookstore credit as long as the book continues to meet our minimum standards for salability.

For example: If you buy €20.– worth of books, bring them back to trade, and choose another €20.– worth, you pay only €12.–. Continue to trade them in, and you’ll receive a sizable discount each time.

Bookstore credit is transferable; you are welcome to gift it to a friend or a family member whenever you like.

Bookstore credit is never redeemable for money or merchandise other than used books.


To trade books NOT originally bought from The Munich Readery:

(If you wish to donate books NOT originally purchased from The Readery, the same criteria apply as are listed below)

•Call or email us to make an appointment. Please tell us ONE specific day and the specific time on that day (not a range of times or days) Mon. - Fri. between 11.00 & 17.30 you would like to come in to trade your books to ensure that John is in the shop to evaluate your books and to prevent many people from coming in at the same time to trade.

Please do not send us lists of book titles or photos of books. We need to see each book in order to determine if it's one you can trade. We cannot tell you over the phone or by email whether or not we will accept a book, or a type of book, nor how much bookstore credit a book not originally bought from us will fetch.
•There is no formula for how much bookstore credit we will issue for books not originally purchased from us. However, we give VERY LITTLE. We will make you a no-haggle offer, which you can accept or decline.

•Our criteria for accepting books for bookstore credit changes daily. Our choices depend in part on what is currently in stock. The best policy is to bring in as many books as are convenient to transport and thereby maximize the number we might take.

•Please understand that we must be extremely picky in order to maintain a prime stock of books. We cannot guarantee that we will take any of the books you bring in to trade. We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.

•We do not trade for encyclopedias, formula-romances, periodicals, technical manuals, or pamphlets.

•Please note: if you bring in books to trade WITHOUT having made an appointment and John is not in the shop, the books may NOT be left in the shop. Any books left in the shop will be disposed of with no remuneration of any kind to the books' owner.

To trade books originally purchased from the Munich Readery:

•Buy books from us and bring them back any time to trade. You do not need an appointment.

•For books bought from the Readery and traded in, you always receive 40% of our price in bookstore credit, which you can spend, save, or give away.

•You don't need past receipts; our store stamp is on the first page of every book we sell.

•You can use your credit immediately or we will set up an account in your name that you can use at any time.