Bookstore Credit For Coins Exchange!

Our bank, Stadtsparkasse München,
now charges 50¢ per roll of coins.

We use a LOT of coins in the course of a year
so for The Readery this is a substantial added expense.

For example, for a €2,50 roll of 5¢ coins,
we must pay 50¢, a 20% fee.

So, rather than pay this fee to the bank,
we prefer to reward our customers.

We will buy your coins.

At the moment, we need

5¢ coins ONLY!


we will pay you 10% of their value
in bookstore credit
which you can save
in a bookstore credit account or use right away
toward the purchase of used books.

If you wish to exchange more than €50 worth of coins,
please call or email to let us know when you'd like to bring the coins to the shop.