The Readery Coin Exchange
has been suspended.
When we need coins again,
we will once more start it up

Bookstore Credit For Coins Exchange!

Our bank, Stadtsparkasse München,
now charges 50¢ per roll of coins.

We use a LOT of coins in the course of a year
so this is for The Readery a substantial added expense.

For example, for a €2,50 roll of 5¢ coins,
we must pay 50¢, a 20% fee.

So, rather than pay this fee to the bank,
we would prefer to reward our customers.

The Readery customarily needs €2, €1, 10¢, & 5¢ coins
(NOT 50¢, 20¢, 2¢, or 1¢).

We will exchange banknotes for your coins and,
in addition, we will pay you 10% of their value
in bookstore credit, which you can save
in a bookstore credit account or use right away
toward the purchase of used books.

We are in special need of €2 & 5¢ coins,
but €1 & 10¢ coins are also welcome.

If you wish to exchange more than €50 worth of coins,
please call or email to let us know when you'd like to bring the coins to the shop.