Frequently Asked Questions about our shop:

•How long has The Readery been in business?
Since February 1, 2006.

•Are you an independent bookshop? Is The Readery associated with any other bookshops?
We are an independent shop.

•Where do the books come from?
Our stock is replenished with books acquired through trading with our customers. Every book is individually chosen for saleability, quality, and condition; we never buy in bulk.

•Can I simply give you books that I don't want?
Yes and no. We are happy to take books that we can sell, but we simply do not have space for other books. If you are willing to take back the books we can't use, then
give us a call and make an appointment to bring the books in.

•Does The Readery buy books for cash?
We never pay money to our customers for books. We do, however, trade books. Please click on the Trading Policy tab to the left for more information.

•Do you ever come to people's houses to look at books?
No. We do not own a vehicle, and thus have no method to transport quantities of books. Also, being a small family-owned business, we do not have the people-power to do it.

•Is The Readery also a library?
No. We are a bookshop. We do not lend or rent books. Once you buy a book from us, it belongs to you unless and until you bring it back in to trade for bookstore credit.

•Do you recommend books to customers?
Yes! With pleasure. We take pride in helping you find a book you'll enjoy. Just ask us!

•Can I order books to be mailed to me?
We ship books worldwide. Payment options depend on where you live. Please email us with your book requests and your location and we’ll let you know how to make payment.

(Email links are at the bottom of every page on our site.)