Creative writing workshop series
with Vivienne Arnold
at the Munich Readery

Starting Sunday, 3 March, 2024

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This workshop series lets participants try their hand at creative writing in a supportive and fun environment. You will be encouraged to write and share short creative exercises; to give group feedback, and to experience the joy of writing creatively in English. Bring a pen, writing paper, and bags of enthusiasm and be ready to inspire yourself – and others!

Register for one or all workshop dates.
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Cost: 40€ per person per workshop date.*

WORKSHOP 1: Character
Sunday, 3 March
14:00 - 17:00

What makes a good character? How do we include the necessary information without overloading our reader? We’ll start by identifying some well-written character descriptions and then try to apply some of that knowledge to our own writing. Along the way you’ll have the chance to write (unexpected) descriptions.

WORKSHOP 2: Setting
Sunday, 7 April
14:00 - 17:00

Setting is often combined with character. How do our characters feel about their locations? Remember, what is heaven for one person is hell for another, and that response needs to be explicit in our setting. Moving people into new settings can also be an exciting development in writing. How do people change when they move from school to university, from their chilly home to a sunny beach? Again, we’ll start by reading some different texts showing a range of settings.

WORKSHOP 3: Point-of-View
Sunday, 5 May
14:00 - 17:00

Am I writing? Are you writing? Are we writing? Are they writing? Every text has to have a particular point-of-view, and it’s fun to play around so that we as writers can understand the impact of changing perspectives. Giving us the power to control how information is given to our readers lets us decide: What can the reader see? What does the reader know?

WORKSHOP 4: Dialogue
Sunday, 16 May
14:00 - 17:00

‘Dialogues are pretty easy.’ ‘Not sure if that’s true.’ ‘Really? You surprise me!’ Identifying good dialogue that moves along at pace can be challenging. The aim here is to understand some of the fundamentals of good conversation and apply them by writing short dialogues in the workshop. You’ll have a go at exercises from the sublime to the ridiculous!

About Vivienne Arnold:
Since I was a little girl I’ve been writing, but I started in earnest about eleven years ago at a creative writing workshop here in Munich. In 2018 I completed an MA at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, in Creative Writing with Pedagogic Studies. I meet regularly with other writers where we submit and critique our novels-in-progress. For the past almost twenty years, I’ve been teaching English in the Anglistik department of the LMU.

*Reduced rates available for students supporting themselves or in hardship cases.

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