Summer Journaling Workshop at the Munich Readery
Led by Lisa Yarger

Sunday, August 6
14:00 to 17:00

2 places left
as of 5.8


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If you’ve never journaled before, why not begin this summer?

Already journaling? Get fresh impulses and techniques to help you expand and deepen your journaling practice.

Whether or not you’re already journaling, this workshop will help you find the fun in journaling and support you to create an enjoyable and sustainable journaling practice that works for you.

In this workshop, you’ll try out using a journal to clear your mind, explore your thinking, notice what's going well in your life, vent, name and face fears,
set goals, document your life, chart growth, express gratitude, develop a writing practice, start a creative “compost pile,” and capture ideas for creative writing projects. You’ll also have the option of using a journal entry from the workshop as the basis for personal essay or memoir writing.

The writing you do in this workshop is for you. You will not be asked to share your writing with the leader or the other participants.

This workshop is limited to ten participants. It will be led in English, but you are welcome to join even if English is not your first language, or if you write (or plan to write) in another language.

Ready to register? Have a question? Send an email to Lisa at

Lisa Yarger is an avid journaler and the author of the award-winning book,
Lovie: The Story of a Southern Midwife and an Unlikely Friendship.

*Reduced rates available for students supporting themselves or in hardship cases.

Feedback from participants in Lisa’s previous journaling workshops:

It was so inspiring! You immediately created an atmosphere that felt safe.

It was well balanced in every way and very inspiring and interactive. Thank you so much!

I really liked the flow of the workshop and that we wrote so much. All those different prompts and ways of applying journaling were really helpful! I also really liked the five minutes of forced self-appreciation. You are teaching so much more than writing.

This workshop was great. You have made a huge difference in the way I approach writing in general over the years. My inner critic is way less critical now.

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